2009 Puppy Litter

Tikka and Schooner puppies arrived July 5, 2009. Eleven pups in all, seven girls, four boys, one brown girl, one Irish girl, and the balance black with white markings. All have wavy coats.

Tikka, Can/Am/Mex Ch Hunter’s Eastcoast Blackout, AWD
Schooner, BVISS, BVIS, Can/Am/Mex Ch Ondulado’s Schooner D’Sonoqua, AOM(s), AgN, AgNJ
See Tikka and Schooner’s pages for pedigree and health information.

All pups are placed.

Week One: Tikka Introduces her Puppies

Week Two: The Toddlers

Eyes and ears are open, they are on their feet and toddling!

Week Three: Little Dogs

This week they are eating food, mom offers standing room snacks, full service for the smaller pups and cleans everyone up! They are interacting with each other and toys. More mobile, climbing over rolled towels, checking out different surfaces, listening to mellow jazz.

Week Six: Playing in the Yard

Week Six: Portraits

Week Six: Mama Tikka Plays with her Pups